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One thing that is really neat about people is that what works for one person will not necessarily work for another. The same is true for kid-aged people. For example, one crying baby may need to be swaddled for comfort, while another may find the swaddling to be miserably constricting.

As people who love and care for children, we have the opportunity to stay present in the moment and adjust our actions to best suit the needs of the situation. We get to pay attention, try different approaches, and be creative!

At some point in time, we might find it helpful to turn to others for advice, ideas or anecdotes. For this reason, the Littles Community Blog exists. Please use and contribute to the blog in the spirit of acknowledgement, empowerment, service and loving support of yourself, your children and the community.

If you would like to contribute advise or an idea, please consider including the following details: your child’s age, temperament (independent, clingy, etc), what is interesting to your child at the moment/ what your child is learning. These details will help other parents decide what advise may or may not be relevant to their children. You do not need to leave personal identifying information, like your child’s name.

For example, you might have recently discovered that your little one really responds to a certain approach to the going-to-sleep routine. You could tell us that your child is 6 months old, is clingier and had a harder time with colicky experiences as a younger infant than did your older child. You noticed one day that your little one loves music and seems to really stop and pay attention when you sing with the radio while driving. So you decided to try incorporating singing into the bedtime routine. When nighttime came around and it was time for bed, you couldn’t remember any traditional lullabies, but the melody to an LL Cool J song popped into your head. You sang the song to your little one before the last breastfeeding of the evening, while you changed the last diaper, and while you put the little one down to bed (still awake, but in a blissful state). It took a few days of consistent reinforcement, but now, when you sing that same LL Cool J song at night along with the rest of the bedtime routine, your little one recognizes the routine, calms and is able to fall asleep by himself!

Thank you and happy blogging!