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What makes Littles Pediatrics different from traditional medical practices?
Littles Pediatrics is a unique medical practice with no waiting, unhurried appointments and a respectful, loving approach with a creative twist operated by only one doctor, Dr. Chris! Please see the practice policies and about sections of this website for more information.

Where is the office located?
Littles Pediatrics is located at 3808 N Williams Avenue, Suite 135, Portland, OR 97227. Please click here for a map and directions.

What are your office hours?

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday- hours by appointment only.
Newborn home visits by special arrangement only.

What are the office phone and fax numbers?
office phone: 503.970.2056
office fax: 888.291.6408

Are you accepting new patients?
Dr. Chris' practice are closed to new patients at this time. However, there is a waiting list. If you are interested in having your child or children placed on the waiting list, please email us at info(at)littlespediatrics(dot)com. Thank you!

Do you bill insurance and if so, do you take my insurance?
We do accept and bill the following insurance carriers:

Important note: Please contact your insurance carrier to ensure we are contracted with your specific insurance plan. It is your responsibility to ensure your visit with our doctors will be covered by your insurance, if that is what you are expecting.

We are not contracted with any OHP plan.

Providence PPO and EPO (not Oregon Option or Health Assurance)
Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
Pacific Source
Multiplan/ PHCS
First Choice Health Network/ Healthcare Direct
First Health- Group Health only
Coventry Health Plans
ODS/ Moda
United Healthcare


Please note that insurance coverage varies greatly and exactly what is covered is best answered by your insurance agent! We highly advise you to familiarize yourself with your child’s coverage and plan!

My child does not have insurance. Can we still come see you?
Yes! Self-pay payment options include cash, check or credit card, and we offer a large 30% discount for payment at the time of service as a courtesy. Please see practice policies for more details.

What if my child has an urgent medical need after hours or on the weekend?
Dr. Chris is always available by phone for urgent needs after hours and on weekends. Please see practice polities for more information and guidance on how and when to contact us.

How do you feel about vaccines?
Vaccines have had a tremendous, positive impact on the health of our children and communities. They are also the subject of great controversy and concern. Currently, we recommend giving vaccines to children as long as the benefit greatly outweighs any proven vaccine-related risk.  In alliance with our dedication to “do no harm” to our patients, we keep close tabs on the latest research and recommendations regarding vaccines, and, if we have any concerns, we will communicate them to our parents and amend our recommendations.
It is important to us to work as a collaborator with our patients and families, to listen to them, and respect their decisions. We want our parents to feel empowered and comfortable with the choices they make for their children.  If you choose to follow an alternative schedule for vaccinations or choose not to give vaccinations, we will respect your decision and strive to offer you adequate educational resources to help you make the best decision you can for your children.